See How East Java Duta Investasi 2020


Become Duta Investasi Jawa Timur are both an honour and also responsibility for me. I Will use my voice through this platform to raise people’s awareness on how east java has a promising investment opportunity by showing them our beautiful fertile land, culture diversity, heartwarming people, easy accessibility.


As a millennial, I have a responsibility for my generation, to become smart, creative, innovative, and active. For those purposes, we have to do things like giving information and influencing people to know about what happening nowadays is, so, we have to build a good communication to make sure that the given information, has been fully accepted. I believe, the millennials can be the pioneer in triggering East Java investment.


As a youth generation that active in a disruptive era, I want to actively participate in the investment sector in East Java, specifically for investment promotion and marketing, by giving my ideas and contributions to boost the investment realization of East Java.


Cause i feel like i was able to be an investment ambassador


because I want to develop the potential income that exists in Sampang district such as tourism, UMKM development so that I can contribute to “Sampang hebat bermartabat” and invite the younger generation to invest. I believe and believe that investment has many benefits, not only for the present but as a preparation for the future.


Because i want to be a useful young generations for ponorogo and east java, and also related to my duties as a tourism ambassador who promote my city and contribute to developing all the potential of my city


I want to participate develop my region, especially Ngawi Regency. Makes society know potential investment in Ngawi


I want to be a young generation that has a good quality to improve and introduce potential things in Lumajang, and make a some change to attractive an investor for invest in Lumajang.


It is something very exciting for me to learn something new, especially the topic about investment generally, it hyped me so much. When we talk about investment,. it is very closely related to wealth, wealthiness, and high economy literacy. I have invested in myself both materially (connected with money) and something that is immaterial (not money). But these kind of investment which will we discuss is on another level of investment. My hope, with me becoming an Investment Ambassador, of course to promote about investment, what can we invest, where can we invest, why do we have to invest, and how to invest for people surround me especially young adults. Because sometimes people are afraid when they hear the word “investment” because they think it is something big and they cannot reach it. We have to get rid of those kind of understanding by introduce it for people.


As a millennial, recently I realize how important is doing investment. On late June 2020 I start to invest in Indonesia’s Stock Market. after that I always give a portion of my monthly salary for investment in stock market. I learn a lot from this activity, and I think I become someone new after take part on this Indonesia’s big economy. I analyze all the decision government made for Indonesia’s sustain economy and I start to think and view everything as investor, as a government not as a worker. and it was mesmerizing, I feel so small in this macro economy but I am so grateful that I can take part as investor in my own country. Last month I had information about this competition, and I am extremely interest with this competition. I hope by joining this platform I would create a good atmosphere for investor to start investing on this potential province, our land, the East Java. more than this, deep in my heart I have a dream to make all millennials start to invest in our own country. We prove that our land is potential and profitable for investor all around the world.


a very valuable opportunity in my life to contribute to the promotion of investment opportunities for East Java, especially Tulungagung regency. because I believe Tulungagung can be more developed in the future and I want my contribution in that. Obviously, getting into a positive environment like this investment ambassador, I believe I will get quality relationships and a lot of knowledge for my future development.


I decided to join this event because I have been dreaming to take part in an essential role of Trenggalek development and growth, one of which is promoting investment opportunities for public in wider context. Joining this contest would allow me to open new insight, provide me more viewpoints of previously untouchable world of mine, so that Trenggalek and I could grow together. Leading to new investment scheme, with crowdfunding scheme, that are highly essential to encourage communities from various sectors in promoting the city and strengthening the economic base for more prosperous Trenggalek.


I want to taking a part in investation, especially in Ngawi. And also want to promote Ngawi’s potentials into society.


As the young generation, i am the spearhead in increasing regional investment by promoting and offering investment opportunities at East Java in various sectors to investors, especially in Blitar Regency. In addition, through the title of Investment Ambassador, I can easily educate the public about the importance of investing as well as invite people to invest as a guarantee for the future.


Because investment issues always attract me, and I would like to broaden and share my knowledge in it and also willing to make more network and gain more experience so that I could develop in the future.


Living and growing up in Ponorogo, I can see and realize that the investment potential here is enormous. With the tourism, industry, animal husbandry, plantation, agriculture, and so on, I believe these sectors will have the chance to succeed if they have good funding sources. Unfortunately, people in areas with investment potential have financial limitations that make them unable to do much to develop existing investment potentials. So I was interested when I found out that there was an election for an Investment Ambassador of East Java 2020. I felt that this event was the right place and a good start to develop investment in Ponorogo. I chose to join this election, because I want to take part in the development of investment, be it in the tourism sector, industry, livestock, plantations, agriculture and so on by voicing the aspirations of business actors who need investment assistance from investors, where their business is has a great chance of success in the future. And I want to make a good effort for my beloved city by bringing the good name of Ponorogo at the 2020 East Java Investment Ambassador Election. I also want to go directly into the world of investment, and I hope that the decision I take to participate in the election for the 2020 East Java investment ambassador will be able to inspire the young generation around me to continue to improve themselves and be willing to take a role for the sake of prosperity and welfare of the people of Ponorogo in particular, and East Java in general.